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There are many variations of passages the majority.



There are many variations of passages the majority.


On 7 March 2024, the Phoenix Study Group participated in the annual Galaxy University Fair. The event brought together representatives from local and international universities from the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, and the Netherlands.


The rationale for the fair according to the organisers, is to afford students diverse academic offerings, gain insights into the admission process, and learn more about each university’s cultural experience.


The Phoenix Study Group which mounted an interactive stand on the University of Wittenborg drew attention to the Netherlands as a premier study destination, with a quality education system and high international rankings. 


Most of the students who patronised the Wittenborg stand were excited at the multiple admission intakes and processing of pre-approved visa by the university thereby eliminating the need for lengthy visa applications by students. Some of the students commended Phoenix Study Group for giving them a broader perspective of study abroad. For instance, one upper secondary student stated “I like the fact that I can have a global experience starting with International Business Administration at Wittenborg… in the EU and maybe move on to North America for MBA, and back to Africa as a business executive. Another student said that the Wittenborg stand was an eye-opener, it is okay not to follow the crowd, … I have to look at what works best for me.


Thanks to Mr. Jasur Domullojonov, Head of the Counselling Department of Galaxy International School, and his team, the annual university fair was a success. The over 70 students who interacted with the Phoenix Study Group left the fair with strong convictions about the vast opportunities of studying in the Netherlands.

Galaxy International School Alumni Embrace Educational Entrepreneurship: Welcoming Phoenix StudyGroup Consult

Mr. Kings Yahwe Darko had the privilege of being welcomed by the Galaxy International School Alumni. During his visit to the school premises, he passionately shared about his new venture – Phoenix StudyGroup Consult, an educational agency dedicated to preparing students for successful study abroad experiences.

Galaxy International School Alumni are proud to support Mr. Darko’s initiative, recognizing the power of collaboration to uplift one another. They encourage their vibrant alumni community to explore the services offered by Phoenix StudyGroup Consult and to join hands in promoting educational opportunities beyond borders.

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